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15W CO2 Medical Laser
25W CO2 Medical Laser

Our 25W CO2 surgical laser system is microprocessor-controlled, user-friendly CO2 laser system based on a sealed-off CO2 laser tube, providing up to 25 watts on tissue. The system is designed to cut, burn, vaporize, and solidify tissue for different clinic surgery purposes. The main features include:
  • Sealed-off CO2 laser technology
  • CW, pulse, and super pulse operation modes
  • Touching switch, microprocessor controlled
  • Alphanumeric message display
  • 7-joint spring-balanced articulated arm
  • Pilot beam of 5mW diode laser
  • Safety protection with alarming automatically
Technical Specification:
  • Wavelength:10.6 microns
  • Mode:TEM00
  • Power to tissue:25W
  • Laser operation modes:CW, Pulse
  • Tissue exposure modes:Continuous, Single pulse, Repeat pulse
  • Super pulse peak power:200W
  • Aiming beam Pilot beam:650nm
  • Working radius:135 cm
  • Cooling system:Closed Loop liquid
  • Dimensions(mm):260x360x960
  • Weight(kg):38

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