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15W CO2 Medical Laser
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15W CO2 Surgical Laser
Model A

15W CO2 Surgical Laser
Model B

Our 15W CO2 surgical laser system is featured by compact structure, elegant appearance, reliable functions, easy use, and good safety-protection mechanism. The system is state-of-the-art and designed to cut, burn, vaporize, and solidify tissue for different clinic surgery purposes. The main features include:
  • Compact and easy to operate
  • Sealed-off CO2 laser technology
  • CW, pulse, and super pulse operation modes
  • Touching switch, microprocessor controlled
  • Alphanumeric message display
  • 7-joint spring-balanced articulated arm
  • Pilot beam of 5mW diode laser
  • Safety protection with alarming automatically
Technical Specification:
  • Wavelength:10.6 microns
  • Mode:TEM00
  • Power to tissue:15W
  • Laser operation modes:CW, Pulse
  • Tissue exposure modes:Continuous, Single pulse, Repeat pulse
  • Super pulse peak power:100W
  • Aiming beam Pilot beam:650nm
  • Cooling system:Closed Loop liquid
  • Dimensions(mm):360x610x120
  • Weight(kg):9

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