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Veterinary Surgery


The advantages Of veterinary co2 laser treatment include Less Pain, No bleeding, Less Swelling, Precise, Sterile, Faster Recovery.
  • Less Pain - The laser seals nerve endings as it cuts. So the patient will have less pain.
  • Less Bleeding - The laser seals small blood vessels during surgery and speeds up surgery by minimizing bleeding.
  • Less Swelling - No physical contact except the invisible laser beam. The tissue will not be crushed.
  • Sterilization - The laser sterilizes the surgical site as it cuts. Bacteria and viruses are vaporized by the laser during laser surgery.
  • Faster Recovery - Less bleeding and swelling will result in faster healing.
  • Precision - The beam direction and power can be controlled precisely to remove thin layers of tissue and produce minimal side effects on the surrounding healthy tissue.
  • Reduced hospitalization time - All of above factor will greatly reduce the procedure time.

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